Mercedes Macfarlane is an Australian fashion designer, with Laotian and Scottish roots. She commenced her studies at Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2019, where she developed her design identity in high end women’s ready to wear. Macfarlane aims to push the limits of wearability in her designs, which she has done through the garments versatility, contrasting features and innovative materials. Over the course of her studies, Macfarlane’s design aesthetic has been refined to effortless chic, playing with volume and deconstruction, on skin tight silhouettes and structured tailoring. Her graduate collection shows sophistication and confidence as she enters the fashion industry.
Being the french term for and estuary, Estuaire describes a location in which multiple fresh water streams and rivers come together to join great oceans in a fashion that is analogous to my own design journey. From this geological beauty comes a collection of nine, ready to wear looks for autumn / winter 2021 that depict the natural lines and colours of the fjords of Alaska.
 Estuaire combines traditional, vibrant and soft colours to create and un- expected yet complimentary colour palette, reminiscent of the way fresh water meets the ocean and crashes upon the ochre boulders. Likewise, sol- id lines of tailored suits combine with the imaginative curves of inventive garments to create of a collection that is the culmination of the skills learned over the past 2 years.


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