Designer, Mia Millard, begins by crafting interiors which resonate and inspire, celebrating a fusion of form, purpose, and materials. She aims to blend quality and craftsmanship with zero waste materials to produce designs with long term relevance. Mia’s work explores the principals of biophilia; increasing occupant connectivity to the natural environment through direct nature, indirect nature and space and place conditions. Working with environmental responsibility, Mia’s work delivers traditional spaces reimagined, and unique spaces designed for unique purposes. Mia believes her designs can be more than just visual, and through conceptual design she intends to create spaces that are inspiring, eye-catching, but most importantly, contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

James Grugeon was recently named on LinkedIn’s 2022 inaugural list of ‘Top Green Voices in Australia and New Zealand’, a curation of leaders sharing their perspectives and passion for sustainability, climate change and protecting the environment. Grugeon is a change-maker and an environmental and social entrepreneur, who has held leadership roles in social enterprises, non profits, start-ups, corporates and government.
James started The Good Beer Co. – Australia’s first social enterprise of its kind – to brew beer for good causes and inspire change by demonstrating what purpose-led businesses can achieve. To this end, James has established his company’s first brewery at the iconic Scarborough Hotel, NSW.
Elevated on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Scarborough Hotel sits in the landscape in a real, and perceived, connection to land, ocean, sky and community. The Scarborough Hotel has been the established local landmark in the landscape and social fabric of the community since 1886.
Visitors journeying south to the Scarborough Hotel travel via the Sea Cliff Bridge, Lawrence Hargrave Drive; an experience that transports the traveller along a fly-over that alternatively hugs and parts from the land and sea to join the sky.
Mia Millard imagines the up coming expansion of the Scarborough Hotel in biophilic design principals, employing form, function and materials to connect visitors with the natural environment, showcasing the unique location of the venue and to reflect and uphold James Grugeon’s business principals.
This is a considered approach to provide the optimum venue in which to realise James Grugeon’s belief that important conversations can be had by getting together over a beer.
And that’s what The Good Beer Co is all about – starting a conversation.

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