Mikaela is an emerging interior designer based in Sydney. She is influenced by the Australian environment and loves to use natural, sustainable materials in her spaces. She aims to create unique and personal spaces that are timeless and will last for years. Mikaela's work is perceived as simple yet playful, full of colour and textural elements. She has a passion for creating spaces that achieve a functional resolution and improve the everyday tasks of the client. Her love of unique and distinctive pieces adds a personal touch to every project. 

This is the proposed design of Aje's new flagship retail store located in Sydney. Aje as a brand focuses on an effortlessly chic look and design for their branding and clothing. The brand was created in Australia by two young entrepreneurs Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest. Many of the collections have a focus on the mix of coastal and urban lifestyles throughout Australia. Through soft whites reflecting sandy beaches, greens, oranges and pinks reflecting the coral reefs and flora that lines the coast of Australia. Cave like structures are seen throughout the store reflecting the headlands that line the east coast beaches of Australia. 
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