Mila Perrin (she/her) is a Creative Director and Photographer born in Northern NSW and now based in Narrm, VIC. Her work is based on her personal experiences as well as the things she loves most. Throughout her studies Mila has identified that her design philosophy stems from an appreciation of colour, technology, youth culture and romance,  which constantly translate into themes within all her designs. She has developed a diverse skill set and admiration for film photography, styling and editorial spreads. The working environment she sees herself situated in is fashion editorials, whereby she can co-create using her innovative skills with like minded designers. 

The concept “Pheromone” is a fashion editorial referencing Femininity, Sexuality, Human Connection and Human skin. Pheromones are compounds emitted to the outside by one person and accepted by another. Women’s sexual responses are heavily influenced by their senses, this projects plays on this idea. “Pheromone” is influenced by human skin, Human connection and the rise of the Balletcore and the Subversive fashion trends. All these themes represent a soft colour palette, with a use of contrasting textures and layered techniques and all are a trending area in fashion and design today. The Colour Pallete is inspired by neutral colours with hints of pastels throughout. 
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