Nadia Bell is a Melbourne based interior designer who strives for creating and designing work that challenges conventional aesthetic standards. This connects to the elaborate and eclectic design style that Nadia has a strong passion for. Nadia values elaborate design with a focus on pattern, colour, and texture so that similarity never permeates her designs and originality shines through. This value connects to the purpose of her personal brand; to produce designs that positively alter the human experience, emotions, and actions. The ultimate objective for Nadia is to design interiors that are memorable based on how the designs make people feel while they are in her spaces. Nadia's interiors fulfil and exceed this target as she embraces pushing aesthetic boundaries, and is the fundamental focus of her work.

Chilli House is a multifaceted venue within the Melbourne CBD that is designed and based around chilli peppers. "Chill the Earth! Chilli Your Mouth”, the catch phrase alludes to how the earth is overheating as a result of climate change and is a nod to the integrated sustainable systems throughout the venue. The venue embodies a lively ambience that places a strong focus on human interaction. Guests are encouraged to engage and connect as well as retreat and converse within different zones of the venue. Surrealism design is the core of Chilli House with nods to mid-century modern themes. The whimsical combination of the two contrasting styles, results in a successfully unique and eclectic interior. The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable venue where visitors can experience eclectic and innovative design, engage in social interaction, and awaken their senses.
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