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Nadia Winata is a Creative Director/ Photographer with a minimalist style aesthetic, she draws inspiration from both natural and urban landscapes in Indonesia and Australia. Her portfolio includes original design projects that focus on fashion, food, interior styling and photography. Her work is grounded in soft tones to give the consumer a sense of serenity and calmness, further enhanced by the use of negative space and shadow in her signature photographic style. Nadia’s work demonstrates her strong ability to develop resolved creative concepts and compositions with an emphasis on detail. Nadia conducts trend forecasting research to maintain an innovative approach and produce high quality outcomes.
'PAUSED MOTION’ is an advertising campaign that promotes The Woolmark Company’s, Wool Denim fabric product in an Online Editorial. The campaign will be showcasing Whitehouse Design Students garments using wool denim fabric. This collection innovatively combines corporate aesthetics with contemporary street style. The concept examines the stop and start motion experienced by commuters. The idea of walking and waiting will be portrayed through the visual representation of mood and movement within the urban cityscape. This campaign aims to reinforce The Woolmark Company’s key messaging around the importance of sustainability.
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