Noni Nettheim is an outgoing and enthusiastic aspiring creative director who was born and raised in the heart of Sydney’s creative centre; Newtown. Having been surrounded by creativity her whole life, Noni has always had an interest in design.
At age 5, her work was selected to be displayed in Westmead Children’s Hospital and from there she knew she wanted to create for a living. 
Noni’s passions lie in conceptual photography and story telling through photography. She enjoys collaborating with other creatives as she finds discussing and sharing ideas a pivotal step in her creative process.

‘Mirage’ is an editorial style beauty magazine with an overarching theme of water and a strong focus on story telling in the idea of what water represents in the human mind. In dreams, water represents our inner feelings and emotions. Water can also represent illusion and deception. 
When looking at moving water, it is hard to grasp a clear image of what is beneath the water. It creates distortion and figuratively, you have to dive deeper to see what’s underneath. Mirage invites viewers to reflect on their own feelings and desires; to dive deeper and question whether what you see on the surface is reality, or merely an illusion.
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