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Nour Farah is an interior architect based between Beirut and Melbourne. After completing a BFA in Interior Architecture at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in Lebanon, she then moved on to pursue a MFA in Design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Australia. Her multidisciplinary academic cursus revolving around interior, lighting and product design allowed her to implement these different disciplines into her projects. For her master thesis, she decided to focus on retail design. She believes that the way the human body interacts with its surrounding should be the core of every successful design.Hence how she was able to come up with the concept of a a flagship store curated to provide a gathering and interactive space for individuals to share, meet, shop, and dive deeper into the history of sneaker culture and design.Her mission is to create environments that offer a story, entice emotions and build a connection between the consumer and the space.
SNKRAZZO isn’t just a store, it’s a hub for him and for her, for us. It’s an experience that blurs the lines of traditional retailing and immersive storytelling. Situated in the heart of Melbourne, right across Southern Cross Station, on Bourke St, it’s a venue that encourages a multifunctional philosophy by reuniting the best of fashion, art, history and sneaker culture.
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