Olivia has a passion for design that is infectious. Through photography, styling and art Olivia has the ability to produce orderly and sophisticated design that instils a tangible sense of romance. Olivia has an eye for spatial planning helps and creates intriguing and inspiring spaces that are refined in their execution. Every detail is well thought out and considered in Olivia’s designs.
Because of her carefully curated design aesthetic, she has the ability to create balance and harmony in her projects. These elements are bound together within a design narrative through the layering of colours, textures, materials and objects. The influences of art and architecture shines through in Olivia’s work. There is joy in her creations of inspiring spaces and there is an intangible element that just makes you feel good to be in them.

Hello Darling is a lifestyle focused publication that articulates the philosophy of creating beauty in life’s everyday moments. Little moments of darling are created by curating organic forms and using natural elements placed around the home in everyday spaces.

By using a variety of warm colours, and natural textures throughout, the editorial portrays a nurturing and  comforting atmosphere within the home.  Even the simplest of gestures, such as reflecting sunlight or grouping similar objects creates beauty. Hello Darling invites the reader to look deeper into their surroundings and find those special pieces to create moments of darling in their own home.
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