Olivia Law is a multi-disciplinary creative in Sydney. Beginning her career with experience in Visual Merchandising, Olivia is fully engaged in further developing her skills within design. Known for he
r ability to devise new ideas and innovative design, her work spans across producing shoots involving fashion, food, interiors, illustration and digital design.
Olivia is passionate about editorial and graphic design, she has always distinguished her design work with a strong use of anomaly, colour, and her love for high fashion. 
Olivia aims to differentiate her design work within the industry by creating unique visual narratives throughout a diverse range of projects.

‘Adorn’ is an expressive fashion editorial which explores the concept of embellishment as a means to enhance something's beauty. Accessories have stood the test of time throughout fashion history, using them as a form of decoration to showcase individuality. Throughout my personal style journey, accessories have played an important role in developing my own identity and individuality within the fashion realm. Highlighting concepts of maximalism, ‘Adorn’ unveils strong geometric forms paired with rich textures and exaggerated scales. It is through this formulae that ‘Adorn’ represents the power of accessories to create a unique representation of one’s self.
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