Ondine Deverill is a Creative Director and Stylist, focusing heavily on darker themes and expressing her style through grungy, Avent Garde aesthetics. Based in Melbourne, her style has grown along with her as she has found her niche in an area of design, by challenging herself and exploring her strengths.
Ondine’s personal style resonates with her design signatures, as it is displayed through her interest in leather fabrics, chains and of course, the shade of black. As a result of this, she is known for paying attention to detail, motifs, and metaphors to design a world of reference and symbols. She loves to take bold risks, and this is projected highly within her work. Ondine hopes to continue creating and curating in the future within a role allowing her to express her style in unique and obscure ways. 

Wired is a refined adaption of my previous fashion editorial, which focuses on the symbolic attributes of popular motifs inspired by the famous movie, The Matrix. However, in this version, it contradicts the reference rather than directly conveying the themes in the overall message – challenging its original form. Both publication titles are symbolic and reference the world today.​​​​​​​
This world of meaning is subject to those who seek deeper messages within clear, but also non clear themes. Audiences who are attracted by dark concepts and those who love film and expressing it. More specifically, men and woman aged from 20 – 50 years old.
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