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Phoebe Potter is a passionate designer with experience across the field in areas like digital design, illustration and Fashion Design. Phoebe is currently in her Graduate year at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. She is enthusiastic about the fashion industry that awaits post graduation and aims to continue to grow within her creative career choice.
Based in Regional Victoria, Australia, Phoebe hand creates all her designs to reflect her earthy design aesthetic and personality. Phoebes core values can be explored through a magnitude of her design concepts. equity, Art, Ethics and Freedom can all be translated from said designs and recognised within her Psyche.
Currently, Phoebe is endeavouring toward her goals and priorities in life. Phoebe describes her passion in Fashion Design as detrimental to the earth and therefor is striving toward her short-term, however life long goal of becoming more self aware of her impact on the environment. Starting her own ethical label is a long-term aspiration for Phoebe and is set on the idea of success along this path. 
Recently, Phoebe’s Designs have been exhibited in a campaign shoot for Roc Boots Australia, taken place in NSW, Australia and hopes for many more opportunities in this fashion.

Precious Daughter is the name of my graduate collection. the name holds a lot of meaning towards the concept of the collection. This Trimesters’ Collection showcases the delicacy yet fun loving nature of a women. Precious Daughter as a brand, conveys this through its bright colour palette, volume and magnitude, in combination with its delicate and soft fabrication. The label is targeted towards those who are exotic and bold. The soft colours and fabrics within the collection, mix with elegant yet sexy silhouettes, illustrating a playful and wild demeanour.


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