Rachel Rodriguez is an emerging fashion designer with a keen interest and passion for the future of design. Growing up in a technology-dominated world and using technology as a form of escapism — Rodriguez has developed a strong sense of imagination. This is seen in Rodriguez’s work as she references cinematic pop cultures like “Bladerunner” and “The Hunger Games”. She is passionate about colour and envisions the future as a stimulating, neon-lit world. This is expressed in her designs through the combination of her extensive colour palette and pattern to create contrast and express the ambience of the future. Her design work favours voluminous silhouettes that push the boundaries of today’s trends. 

‘ALIEN-NATION’ is a Spring/Summer womenswear collection that explores and imagines fashion of the future. Notions of beauty applied to artificial intelligence and avatars have inspired the distorted flowers and alien head motifs used in the original print designs. These digitally printed stretch fabrics are combined with upcycled banners to reimagine a future world where fragments of the past are repurposed. Deadstock fabric has also been utilised so the collection is created with the concerns of sustainable fashion in mind. An exuberant colour palette and mixed patterns combine to express energetic, active concepts. The underpinning femininity of the designs is coupled with a fresh sportswear approach.
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