Ramy Ahmed is a Fashion designer born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria. After exploring for many years with several professions, Ramy finally found what motivated him. He studied and earned a degree in Fashion from the Whitehouse Institute of design. For his menswear company, Ramy intends to develop and produce collections that, through ethical and ecological practises, empower, inspire, and ultimately generate positive change. Ramy wants to improve things in the world one day. His design philosophy has been influenced by his unique perspective on people, life, and most crucially, the extremely retrograde mentality of the fashion industry. Ramy is a traditional and controversial designer who takes satisfaction in not being pressured to do what everyone else is doing and works hard to find new and innovative ways to create, design, and produce unique garments.

The Uraeus Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 Menswear collection is inspired by Israfil, the angel of resurrection, one of Islam’s archangels. The exploration of this specific angel and the royal features of angels served as the inspiration for the selection of textures, colours, and silhouettes for this collection. A subdued yet powerful post-apocalyptic adaptation of a human and angel interwoven was produced via the lens of a gen y millennial using premium designer fabrics and responsibly sourced materials such as merino wools and luxurious nylons. Israfil depicts a powerful angel transforming a regular human into something otherworldly by taking control of them. This collection normalises post-apocalyptic Menswear with garments designed to utilise different aspects of perceived norms of society.
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