Based in Sydney, Rebecca Hong is a creative who strives to create inventive, resonant projects. With a passion for examining ideas of the future, she incorporates influences from modernism into her work. Rebecca utilises the skills she has developed across creative direction, graphic design, styling and photography to demonstrate a strong conceptual approach and a playfulness with colour and composition.
In graduating from Whitehouse Institute of Design, Rebecca aims to use her work showcase sustainable and equitable practices as well as other emerging creatives and is excited to expand her creative portfolio.

Realm is a creative colour trend forecasting magazine that explores future worlds. The uncertain nature of the future can elicit strong feelings and the magazine harnesses these to imagine three colour worlds, imagining the physical and emotional landscapes to come. 
The Exo-structure colour story explores the colours and textures of  an industrial world, emanating a sense of toughness and frigidity. Terraform examines feelings of vulnerability and softness, incorporating elements of the body and arid landscapes. 
The Digital Fields colour story represents optimistic joy, bringing together the lushness of the natural and virtual spaces. By examining trends, Realm creates simulations for future design that help us understand our future feelings. 
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