Rita Bouchmouni is an aspiring Fashion Designer based in Sydney, Australia who focuses on creating simple designs with complex fabrication patterns and experimentation. Colour and proportions influence my designs into creating wearable clothing for high-end events and for simple and family-friendly events.
Rita inspires to eventually make and run her own business that allows consumers to take existing designs and style the product based on their own unique style. As well as selling the patterns of existing designs, so other individuals can sew and make it their own. ​​​​​​​
Focusing on creating this business, Rita has had the freedom to be herself more throughout her studies and gain a sense of accomplishment through her illustrations of bringing the designs to life.

IN POWER is an trans-seasonal capsule collection that is inspired by the trends in streetwear and sportswear within our society, this collection has heavy-weight wool and recycled denim that is repetitive throughout IN POWER. Recycled Denim is essential within this collection because it has a lot of textures and can be represented as the highs and lows of life, especially since we had the hit of COVID. Denim can be rough and smooth, light and dark, patterned and plain, since it is recycled it helps the environment and allows denim to have a second life. 
IN POWER is inspired by the masculinity within our society, due to the highs and lows we all faced with COVID and finding ways to support ourselves, gaining the confidence and knowledge to succeed and overcome the barriers. Using the fabrications of heavy-weighted wool, recycled denim and light-weighted cotton poplin, IN POWER has the representation of the power every person has gained through those hard times. 

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