Rohan Tillett is an emerging Creative Director and Stylist based in Sydney, Australia. With skills in digital design, photography and styling, he bears an aesthetic that feels both technical and sensual, embracing symmetry and balance, and assuming a form of minimalism that feels both structured and innovative. 

Through his photography, Rohan enjoys accentuating details that others might otherwise overlook. He is an innovative designer driven by a love for sparking curiosity and interest in the minds of those who view his work.

SUB-VERT is a conceptual campaign proposal for the Australian fashion label Dion Lee.The title SUB-VERT hints at subversion, defined as the undermining of power and authority of an established system or institution, which the Dion Lee brand achieves by engineering designs that assimilate deconstruction, tailoring and utility. 

Additionally, SUB-VERT integrates hardware to establish a conceptual link between the technical construction of the garments featured and the technical engineering of hardware.
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