Rosie Barber is an upcoming Stylist and Photographer whose ethos focuses on creating work that is joyful and passionate. By incorporating whimsical elements, Rosie encapsulates the viewer in every aspect, leaving them inspired and pondering on what is next to come.Her design philosophy is inspired very much by elements of her autoethnography. Rosie grew up immersed in the simplicity of small-town living, allowing a vivid imagination to develop and flourish.
After moving to Sydney, Rosie furthered her love for creativity and design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, where she achieved a Bachelor of Design. Her work spans a multitude of specialities, including creative direction, styling and photography, and she is recognised for producing work that encompasses elements of story-telling and anomaly.

'The Art of Play' depicts a fashion and lifestyle story alluding to a sense of nostalgia through the playful moments, memories and past times which occupied my mind growing up. The editorial incorporates an array of current runway and lifestyle trends, including 
contrasting femininity, exaggerated silhouettes, and a clash in colour, texture and pattern. This translated into a reflection of my fondest memories, creates a striking contrast and invites the viewers' imaginations to ignite.
‘The Art of Play’ unlocks fond and forgotten memories within all, whether it be swinging on the monkey bars or making endless pinky promises, the simplicity of childhood is a concept that is blissful. 
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