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Growing up I’ve always always had a passion for creativity, especially within the arts, design and music industry. Personally having a creative mindset builds up self motivation and determination for me to be able to grow as an independent person; undertaking creative risks and challenges.
Within my body of work, I seek to express the elements of personality, culture, and diversity of the creatives with whom I collaborate. With my passion for music and the love of working with other creatives, I want to support the upcoming musical artists of Australia to seize the attention of their audiences. In order to make this happen and communicate the concept behind the song, I visually express the artists’ brand and meaning through creative direction, styling, photography, videography and graphic design.

For this project I have worked with the talented vocal harmony group H3rizon to create  a video and photo book which showcases their original song, “Songbird”. I interpreted the lyrics which focus on the strength and power of the song to make you feel as free as a bird. Motifs in the video and photo book involve the idea of a bird’s flight with feathers, branches and the open sky. Working with the group, I creatively directed the styling, filming, photography and editing. As a first time videographer, I found the process dynamic, exciting and challenging! 
My intention is to evolve my brand BLAQUE as a niche service providing creative branding and packaging for upcoming musicians to help them gain exposure and increase their fan base. 
BLÀQUE caters to an audience with a shared experience of music. Musicians who are starting out in the industry and are seeking a designer to brand and promote their music should contact BLAQUE. Not only is it targeted to unsigned artists but also to record labels who have recently signed a new artist and are seeking to fulfil stylistic choices to promote new music through visuals. Seeing the message is almost as powerful as hearing the music. As a creative director, I seek to enhance an artist’s creative vision.

Samantha Stewart

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