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Sarafina Manyang is a Sydney based Creative Director, Stylist, and a Photographer. She collects the stories of people she encounters and weaves them into a visual narrative. She believes that being able to narrate a story precisely and effectively is a powerful means of fostering connections, something
which has become Sarafina’s signature.
Some of Sarafina works explores environmentalism, gender, identity, and belonging. This exploration extends beyond her own experiences and perspectives to those of people in both past and present generations. Specifically, showcasing significant events that have shaped them into the unapologetic voices they are today. This helps her project to the world, beauty in meaning-making and individual lived experience. In this way, the creations of Sarafina encapsulate how visual expression can illustrate our existence.

Change and growth are fundamental concepts, consistent across the development and existence of all living matter. All life, be it large or minuscule, takes place in transformative stages. The development that comes from these stages of change is what gives us growth. Growth is the outcome of change and the true essence of the journey of self. This can simply be defined as the ability to transform from one thing to another. 
Metamorphosis: the story of change, is the concept behind my signature project. The concept of an ever-evolving world; that the world is always changing and constantly reinventing itself. Like us, constantly evolving. Understanding yourself in the world in which you’re in, and, manifesting the world that you want to see. This project is based on a group of diverse individuals from various walks of life. It aims to celebrate and explore the concept of self and one’s identity. It’s unapologetically loud, raw, chaotic, and vulnerable. Allowing others to see us, for who we are, unapologetically human.


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