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Born in Perth Western Australia, I have always had an interest in fashion and designing. In high school I elected to take textiles, and media and instantly knew that this creative pathway was my passion. After graduating school I moved independently to Melbourne to study a bachelor of fashion design at Whitehouse Institute Of Design and my passions have only grown stronger from there. I have grown in my digital skill set and overall designing skills, and have learnt a lot about both myself and the industry. . I have learnt a great deal throughout my education pathway and am ecstatic for the future, and being able to implement my creative skills into the world.
Inspiration for my recent collection, “skin” has been inspired by the female identity and creating an idea of ‘confident clothing’. Sustainability has been kept in mind, through designing this collection, and I have opted to use all natural fibres within these garments, as well as choosing an ethical Australian business with no wastage for printing purposes. I have used my skills to create a digital collage that has been printed on fabric and used throughout a majority of this collection. Skin captures what I believe dressing each day should feel like. Starting the day by choosing garments that enhance confidence and in return being able to conquer the tasks ahead and be the best version of ourselves.


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