Sasha Jackson is a Sydney based multidisciplinary creative, who specialises in fashion photography with illustrative and graphic elements within her designs. Sasha is passionate about alternative, sustainable methods of producing art and photography that are innovative and bring interest and hands-on creativity to the craft.  
Sasha is currently completing a Bachelor of Design in Creative Direction and Styling, at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Seen through her previous projects, Sasha is known for her hand-drawn and DIY elements that best reflect her playful, personal style. 

“Blueprint” is a colour story that explores alternative methods of photography and post production editing and treatments, in a fun and innovative way. From the makeup, to the styling, to the photography, Digital Blueprint expresses a sense of hands-on, bold, creativity that exhibits a unique set of skills and self-expression. This project aims to reach those that are interested in finding new, interesting and sustainable ways to produce art and photography. 
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