Shafira Armstrong is an interior designer based in Sydney. Being raised in various South East Asian cities exposed her at an early age to an enormous array of design, concepts and styles in architecture, art and culture that have influenced her passion for interior design. This provided a foundation and helped frame a unique perspective - focusing on storytelling through evocative design, and creating a connection between people and the surrounding environment. Her design approach is a harmonisation of materials, an intuitive juxtaposition of colours and forms, and a seamless marriage of the past and future. Shafira is passionate about hospitality and commercial interior design, creating spaces with their own identity, and offering patrons an opportunity to draw their own experiences from it. Thus creating intriguing environments which contribute to the community, while honouring the history, location and architecture of the space. 

Ace Hotel is an international hotel chain founded in Seattle, USA. Shafira Armstrong has designed a go-to destination in the Northern Beaches of Sydney on 1193 Barrenjoey Road by curating Ace’s first luxury coastal boutique hotel. The brief was to reflect Ace’s brand identity and values in the design while creating a hotel that adapts to the location and represents the energy of the suburb. The Palm Beach community and tourists are able to enjoy quality memories and entertainment in a luxurious and vibrant space that celebrates the beach lifestyle, local artists and history of the location. This approach is consistent with Ace's roots from the Pacific Coast of America embracing their DNA and interlacing it with Palm Beach’s atmosphere to create a unique experience. The concept evolved from experiencing the surrounding coastal landscape together with the suburb's energy and architecture of the building, which led to inspiration of 70’s inspired interiors.
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