“I want to share what my eyes see of this world”. Sharif Laughton Chow (周諾桐) is a graduate of Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, and is a photographer and creative director living in Sydney, Australia. Initially photography was only a hobby and something to do for fun until a shot he took urged him to take this hobby seriously. From this, he aims to work in the industry shooting for magazines and eventually start his own production company.
Through this, Sharif has incorporated his culture and heritage into his work. In a big and busy world “Every shot is like hitting the pause button on the world”.

For this signature project, Sharif explored the designs consisting of his Asian roots and his western up-bringing. Being exposed to both worlds gave a wider exposure to various cultures and their design values and signatures. 
By taking inspiration from the best of both worlds, He was able to combine his favourite elements and create a harmonious editorial. The main goal was to share designs from cultures that inspired him, with his own photographic style.
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