Shivneel Kumar is a contemporary Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer, who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. 
As an active artist within the Sydney creative scene, Shivneel is passionate about promoting and collaborating with upcoming artists within the community. Shivneel’s work has been showcased in Frankie Magazine and he has styled and shot campaigns for General Pants Co, and multiple musicians such as Jessica Jade, Ashli and others, producing their album covers and media collateral. He has hosted and organised a multitude of Community Arts projects within the Western Sydney Region. 
The creative characters of Sydney have always inspired Shivneel to be the best possible version of himself, as they live authentically and unapologetically. The creative scene within his community has taught Shivneel to trust in his art, collaborate and unite with other of like mind, whilst each supports the other. Through this Major Work, named “Imminent”, Shivneel wants to portray some of his favourite creatives, showcasing their personalities and talents. Throughout this digital zine, Shivneel will be speaking to some of his favourite ‘imminent’ DJs, photographers, fashion designers, models and artists, shedding light on their art forms and inviting the reader into their worlds. Over the few weeks, Shivneel has Styled, Photographed, Art Directed and Illustrated all the content within the zine. 


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