A designer for individuals who like to adventure outside their comfort zone and explore various styles and aesthetics. I am also a multiculturally diverse individual who delivers a window to a world of creative possibilities with the use of unconventional textiles in non-traditional manner. I focus on curating design styles from various eras, cultures and perspectives to create a symbolic storyline. Research, exploration and experimentation of textiles and design directions is a key element in my design style development and creation. Aiming to push the conventional boundaries of design, the development of technical, critical and creative skills produce my personal design style process.

“Lost in Wonder ‘’ is a womenswear trans-seasonal collection that reflects aerodynamic lines, coordinating with bright colours that encapsulate dynamic movement. The incorporation of silver faux-leather vinyl and denim in sharp lines across the body create a sense of flight. The fluidity of a magenta georgette and a lime fire-retardant polyester interior-drape, partly made of recycled plastic, produce both tactile and visual texture through digital print which adds variation throughout the collection. Worn as a straightforward statement; it's individuals who wish to express their independent persona on the go that are the ones that stand out in this fast-paced ever-evolving world.
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