Sonya Grabez is an Interior Designer crafting evocative spaces using high contrast and strong geometric motifs. Influenced by the relationship between Modernism and Postmodernism, Sonya integrates clean directional lines with maximalist forms and emotive, thought-provoking design intentions. An intuitive juxtaposition of minimalism and eclecticism creates compelling social environments, which promote conversation and draw people together. Interested in the rapid integration of technology into everyday living, Sonya challenges the normalisation of virtual media contact. Her experiential design approach creates transformative spaces which encourage real-life social interaction, and provoke emotional reactions from users.

Soho House, a string of private members clubs, hotels and restaurants, seeks to accommodate the young, city-dwelling creative class. By providing captivating spaces for creative-souled individuals, Soho House assembles diverse social contexts for members to network, interact, grow and make an impact. Sonya Grabez envisions Soho House Sydney’s new restaurant venue to marry the historical context of site ‘Sydney Automobile Club’, with the progressive Soho values of creativity and innovation. Entwining the rich interwar palazzo style of the site, with a contemporary design direction, the space embraces emotive, feeling-focussed design. Dynamic forms and an eclectic design aesthetic marry comfort and versatility, to uplift users in an invigorating social atmosphere. With this project, Sonya highlights the vitality of social interaction for the establishment of impactful, personalised user experiences.
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