Stephanie Papoutsis is a Stylist and Photographer, aspiring to become a Creative Director. Her work takes inspiration from leading designers and stylists that have paved the way for diverse forms of aesthetic and cultural expression. She has developed a comprehensive range of skills and competencies through her experiences, including artistic digital design, post-production editing and event design and planning. Being a photographer, Stephanie captures all elements of life from different perspectives, incorporating an array of textures and styles that blend ancient and modern paradigms. As a determined and energetic graduate, Stephanie aspires to work locally and internationally with world leading fashion designers and publications.

‘Paralia’ is a memento that pays homage to the influence of European culture on the world of design. By intricately blending ancient and modern elements, this work powerfully showcases the enduring influence that ancient European culture has had on the ideas and concepts of today’s world. ‘Paralia’ encompasses forms of Ancient Greek Art as seen through a modern lens: architecture, sculpture, pottery and jewellery making informed by the current environment of design in Australia.
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