​​Cecily Pozuelo


​​Cecily Pozuelo is a multifaceted Visual Designer and Photographer based in Sydney, with a passion for Creative Direction. Within her work lies a profound connection to the concepts of time, human connectivity, and the beauty of motion. Cecily's strong sense of design and style can be easily recognised through her distinguishing compositions of line and shape as well as a focus on light and shadow. This infuses her work with a visible, individual perspective that traverses across Fashion, Lifestyle, Illustration, Digital Design and Photography.

Design Statement:

Interconnected is an editorial that explores the concept of circles and how they can symbolise the interconnectedness of all things. In their pure and unbroken form, circles transcend the confines of conventional shapes, lacking distinct endpoints and boundaries. This suggests an unbroken flow that defies both time and space. This concept of circular interconnectedness extends far beyond mere geometry, resonating deeply with our understanding of the world. This editorial encompasses Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, with the use of light and shadow to add depth and intrigue, as well as distinct shapes. From the eye of a dog to a high fashion garment, there is this holistic theme intertwining them together. Just as shadows dance with light to create intricate patterns, our lives intersect in ways both seen and unseen. This editorial encourages one to contemplate the idea that every action, no matter how small, ripples through the universe, creating a web of relationships that interconnects our lives.