Alessandra Dehn


Alessandra Dehn is an emerging Sydney-based interior designer who has a passion for colourful, exciting, high-end design. Alessandra believes in creating playful, eclectic spaces, treating interiors like a piece of evolving art and finding joy and character in every design. Alessandra embraces bright, bold blocks of colour, playful prints and unique architectural forms, creating expressive spaces that evoke emotion. She is particularly fascinated with how a collection of objects and colours can tell a story about her client’s life and personalities.

Design Statement:

Inspired by the luxury, vacation experience ‘Dovecote’ on the South Coast, comes a second destination in ‘La Tourelle’. This luxury holiday escape on the Sunshine Coast will be a part of the ‘Dine in Design’ series hosted by Chef Alex Prichard (head chef at Sydney’s iconic Iceberg Dining Room). Inspired by Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra’s record ‘Pink Champagne for Dancing’, the essence of this interior is its use of colour to elicit excitement, joy and escapism - essential to a good holiday (and hence a good holiday house). The Mediterranean stone exterior, paired with eclectic, vintage-inspired interiors, evokes the setting for an opulent 60’s Hollywood dinner party where our guests can dance the night away.