Amelie Scalas


Amelie Scalas is an emerging multi-disciplinary creative. Known for her indulgence of expressive storytelling, colourful aesthetics, vintage renditions and love of whimsy. Intrigued with the art of gameplay, Amelie uses her art as a voice, a chessboard of sorts to society. The utilisation of her developed creative abilities in photography, styling and creative direction will allow her to flourish within the design industry. At 18, inspired by the Whitehouse VET course, Amelie returned to Whitehouse Institute of Design (AUS), for her Bachelors Degree to further her creative education. Her abilities reach across fashion, food and interior styling, digital and graphical design, photography and videography production and editing, as well as illustration, magazine and editorial creation. Consistently referencing her ideas concerning politics, film and society, Amelie has a passionate approach to conceptualise and story tell visual narratives. In graduating Whitehouse Institute Of Design (AUS), Amelie wants to put her love of storytelling in priority as either a conceptual creator, product stylist and photographer, a film set creative director or a freelance creative.

Design Statement:

Versalo, ‘Pour it Out’ is a Coffee story. Coffee has a duality of dirty grimy connotations, to regal luxurious pleasure. Interpreted in every-which-way using fashion, beauty, food, interiors, and lifestyle, this narrative encompasses the different chapters of the physical and emotional transformation before and after caffeine, featuring, preparation, consumption and aftermath. Shown through an earthy colour palette featuring a bronze gradient with silver hues as well as an underlying blue contrast. This editorial encapsulates a warm atmosphere with juxtaposing hard and soft materials, shadows and surfaces to showcase duality.