Ashlee Wilks


Ashlee Wilks is a Melbourne-based Stylist, and Photographer with a passion for creative direction. Ashlee is known for her unique minimalist aesthetic that reflects a blend of organic simplicity and soft elegance. With a focus on minimalistic design, the use of natural materials, and a predominantly neutral colour palette, Ashlee creates visually captivating and emotionally evocative fashion and lifestyle experiences. Ashlee is inspired by her travels overseas and the enchanting environment of her upbringing on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, which is characterised by its breath-taking water views and stunning beaches, her work embodies a sense of tranquillity and harmony with the surrounding world. The timeless beauty of nature is her muse, infusing each creation with an elegant quality that resonates with viewers. Whether through meticulously styled fashion editorials, innovative product photography, or lifestyle photoshoots, Ashlee is committed to bringing forth the inherent beauty found in the interplay between minimalist aesthetics and the organic world.

Design Statement:

Reverie’ is a Fashion and Interiors editorial that captures the essence of a luxurious Australian summer lifestyle, showcasing contemporary design, stunning outdoor scenery, and a sophisticated take on summer fashion. This editorial aims to transport readers to a peaceful and serene oasis, featuring Camilla and Marc’s SS23 ‘Realm’ collection and Henne’s ‘High Winter’ ’22 collection. The relaxed yet elegant atmosphere is enhanced by exploring different natural textures, harmonising soft, warm neutral tones with the surroundings and creating a tranquil ambiance. Natural lighting is utilised throughout the entirety of the photoshoots to truly capture the essence of a peaceful summer’s day. ‘Reverie’ concept development, sourcing, styling, photography, post production, videography, graphic elements, branding and illustration by Ashlee.