Bethany Neal


Bethany Neal is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Sydney with a passion for creative direction. Her unique style exudes a vibrant, playful, and lively energy. Bethany consistently crafts inspiring work that captures a sense of curiosity and timelessness infused with a nostalgic flair. Her creative repertoire spans a diverse array of disciplines, encompassing fashion styling, digital design, interiors, and photography. This eye for detail sees Bethany discover multiple endeavors in her design career as she embarks on a journey of exploration and innovation.

Design Statement:

The House Len Built embarks on a journey to explore the often-overlooked design elements that grace our everyday lives through an exploration of the intriguing contrast between suburban living and opulent luxury. At its core, the editorial uncovers the design features of the suburban home Built by Len Neal, whose love story began with an encounter at a local dance. This chance meeting led to a whirlwind romance and marriage within a year, with Len himself constructing their family home. This cherished house went on to nurture four children and continues to host six grandchildren. This narrative encourages us to appreciate the beauty in our surroundings and to reconnect with the values that make a house a home.