Blake Sutherland


Blake Sutherland is a Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist based in Sydney, Australia. With a childhood obsession with textiles and dolls he began his career training as a fashion designer before moving into editorial fashion styling. Having just completed his Bachelor's degree he utilises his experience as a model, stylist and photographer to approach design with a 360 point of view. Since commencing his studies his work has won the first DISSH LGBT scholarship and has been featured in PAPER MAGAZINE, RUSSH and VOGUE Australia. As well as creating content for brands such as CELINE and VALENTINO. His work is known for its ability to take the abstract and ground it in reality through the use of light, scale and recontextualisation. Blake describes himself as an artistic observer who wants to “show the world how I see it”.

Design Statement:

‘ALL THAT I’VE GOT’ is an editorial photo series exploring deconstruction and recontextualisation through the lens of fashion and psychology. The series explores our early relationships with fashion and the self. Chronicling the ways we use what we have to express ourselves against all odds. From how we pieced ourselves together to way we held ourselves when no one was looking. This is an ode to transformation, resilience and radical self acceptance.