Bridgette Pizzata


Bridgette Pizzata is a Sydney-based designer who creates structural gender-neutral pieces by merging past and future ideas and notions. Her use of workwear and sportswear fabrics mixed with luxurious wools creates an intriguing contrast in her looks, allowing the viewer to perceive each garment as a unique piece. She believes her designs should express her charisma and be a conversation between fabrics and thread, a story of no limitations as to what can be combined. Bridgettes positive and energetic personality drives her creative process. She strongly believes in a growing gender-neutral world in fashion and that that should be the stem of creativity everywhere, as fashion should not be a limited world.

Design Statement:

‘Samba’ explores the relationship between past and future, the past being classic arche- types of cowboys, athletes, and motorcyclists and future being in an avant-garde light. In this collection, ‘Samba’ refers to specific experiences that I have lived in. These key moments are simply my human experiences being told through fashion. My links to my Italian heritage in football are seen in multiple garments contrasted with a fashion-forward approach in shape and structure. Bold shapes and geometric patterns are also seen throughout this collection as She finds her inspiration being more simplified to allow for higher detail in pattern-making techniques. ‘Samba’ invites you to step into a world where innovation meets tradition.