Brooke Dixon


BIO From the coastline of southern Sydney, Brooke Dixon is a multi-disciplinary creative, with her artistic essence steeped in photography, creative direction and styling. She orchestrates sensory experiences with a palette reminiscent of earth’s tones, accentuated by her feminine flair and the stark contrasts of Australia’s diverse landscapes. The lifestyle photography of Slim Aarons and ‘Pool series’ pantings of David Hockney resonate within her creations, whilst inspiring narratives of everyday life. With experience as a Marketing Assistant, Brooke’s artistic voyage seamlessly intersects with the digital realm in a meeting point of creativity and commercialisation.

Design Statement:

COLLECTION STATEMENT Coming from a background in competitive swimming and Surf Life Saving the symbiotic connection between humanity and the aquatic realm is a recurring motif that has transcended into this editorial titled Bodies of Water. Bodies of Water dives into the exploration of the innate connection between humans and water, unearthing the multi-faceted ties that exist culturally, physically and emotionally through a photographical series featuring fashion, beauty, food and interiors adapted from David Hockney’s pool series of the 60s and 70s. In response to the increasing concern about climate change and conscious consumerism, Bodies of Water seeks to inspire a greater appreciation for the profound role water plays in our lives, instilling a sense of responsibility for its preservation and prompting a renewed commitment to safeguarding this precious resource for future generations.