Casey Quick


Casey Quick is an emerging fashion designer currently based in Melbourne. Her background growing up in a regional farming area has given her a greater appreciation and understanding of source materials and their origins. Generational skills and an interest in the construction of long-lasting durable garments drive her design. Striving to create well-constructed, future-focused designs. Her knowledge of base design and construction has developed into a love for the eccentric, finding ways to add a touch of weird and shock value to her designs.

Design Statement:

‘Abnormal Organics’ dissects the balance between growth and the authentic self, using Casey’s rural upbringing as a starting point. Inspired by malformations in plants, these conceptual garments embrace nature’s structure, asymmetry, and organic lines through new, alternative fabrications. The bright colour used throughout the collection is a way for the wearer to visually express themselves. In contemporary fashion, it is often the default for people to stick with what is considered safe to not stand out from the crowd, but with Abnormal Organics this stereotypical mould is broken.