Chezqah Agnir


Chezqah is a multidisciplinary artist who experiments with ways that express the self and spread the idea of love in all forms. Born in Cebu, Philippines, and now based in Sydney, she is known for her ability in illustration and love of glass blocks. She aims to further cultivate her skills in art and design, and explore all creative inspirations present in the world. Chezqah is passionate about using her skills in ways that benefit and uplift others around her, being especially motivated to design interiors and create art that encourages positive change and interactions. With a predisposition to creating open spaces and taking advantage of natural light, Chezqah creates works that view the world through rose tinted glasses.

Design Statement:

With an aesthetic led by The Butter Room’s ‘romantic vintage’ brand and a romantic spin on Grandma’s house, The Tulip Room is eclectic meets whimsy meets Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Concentrated, these design inspirations are evident in the central courtyard that is filled with natural light, glass blocks, and an assortment of old and new furniture. Perfect for a couple looking for their next date spot, a student seeking a change of scenery, or an influencer needing their next viral post, this cafe and florist provides a Korean inspired menu and beautiful buds for you to take home. Providing a cozy ambience created with a soft palette, well-loved furniture, and nature integrated into every room, The Tulip Room comes from the intention to remind customers that life is to be enjoyed.