Chloe Crisfield


Chloe Michelle Crisfield is an emerging Fashion Stylist based in Melbourne passionate about producing vibrant and contemporary visuals. Best known for her use of bold and a bright colours, Crisfield’s ideas are communicated through vivid, fantastical colour palettes and striking themes. Crisfield’s specialises in fashion styling and graphic collages which convey a story to the audience. Her implementation of colour blocking is inspired by Valentino’s Fall 2022 campaign the pink collection. Crisfield’s compiles her concepts through her lively and youthful outlook on life. She enhances her work by focusing on experimenting with proportion and scale, and the implementation of anomaly. This creates a sense of depth and variety throughout her work. As a Stylist she strives to create engaging and playful work which allows the viewer to feel immersed in the universe she generates in her work.

Design Statement:

The project ‘SQUEEZED’ is a fashion and food editorial for FFF Zine, which entails a vibrant display of fruit and fashion in a lively and playful scene. The project aims to challenge the norms around food in fashion, appreciating the richness and joys of fruit. Focusing on complementary colours and saturation within the two subject matters, an unusual yet familiar universe is created. The project will be curated through the use of anomaly, playing on scale, complementary colours and repetition. The editorial ‘SQUEEZED’ has been styled, designed, illustrated, edited and photographed by Chloe Crisfield.