Chloe Walker


Chloe is a multi-faceted creative, whose work centres around creating sophisticated, visually engaging, and designed imagery, which encompass her skills in graphic design, photography, content creation and illustration. Her work is also known to span over various fields of Interiors, Fashion, and Food styling, showcasing her versatility and ability to bridge those sectors. Her retail experience at Swarovski, has also given her the opportunity to build her visual merchandising, storytelling, and styling skills; in conjunction with the skills she has developed throughout her degree. This has solidified Chloe’s dynamic ability to craft compelling visual content.

Design Statement:

‘Stone Age’ is an editorial that explores the materiality of stone as a whole way of life, allowing viewers to appreciate the artistry, serenity and versatility of such a material. However it is more than a mere exploration of stone, it is a homage to the enduring beauty of the Earth’s geological wonders. The narrative of ‘Stone Age’ incorporates interior styling, fashion styling and food styling to create a well-rounded editorial. It sets out exploring stone interiors, art and architecture. It then delves into a fashion story relating to the primal nature of that period in time, where the model takes on characteristics of a savage within the wilderness. Overall you are able to see a variety of stone age themes, in a contemporary setting, where viewers can be both captivated and engaged.