Claire Rossier


Claire Rossier, a gifted emerging designer, with a focus in Creative Direction and Fashion Styling. Rooted in her enchanting childhood due to traveling the world and growing up in different countries and cultures. Claire’s style draws from her dance immersed upbringing, infusing her work with a whimsical aesthetic and a passion for fantasy and strong female protagonists. Her designs masterfully intertwine movement, colour, and line, transcending traditional boundaries. A signature technique is her blend of illustration and photography, creating visuals that transport subjects into magical realms. Notably, she excels in amplifying her subjects’ traits, tailoring her direction to resonate empathetically. By harmonising her style with subjects’ essences, Claire crafts authentic designs that resonate deeply. Her work transforms aesthetics into heartfelt storytelling, leaving an enduring impact on both subjects and audiences.

Design Statement:

‘Adagio’, an editorial, delves into ballet’s ethereal realm, spotlighting the grit behind each pirouette and arabesque. Drawing from my dance experience, I infused ‘ballet neutrals’ into the styling, blending traditional fabrics with everyday wear for a fashion-forward twist. Moody lighting mirrors the intense studio hours, while video captures the dancer’s meticulous preparation and dedication in class. Casting real dancers ensures authenticity. Textured and rustic illustrations pay homage to dance journals, adding a personal touch. ‘ Adagio’ is a fusion of discipline and artistry, a testament to the unyielding spirit of ballet, distilled into every frame. Creative Direction, Photography, Fashion and Set Styling, Graphic Design, Illustration and Layouts by Claire Rossier