Daisy Hannah


Daisy Hannah is an Australian-based fashion designer who creates distinctive pieces through unique prints. Daisy grew up in Northern NSW and is largely influenced by nature and natural landscapes. Her work is distinguished by an elegant fusion of floral elements, brought to life through vibrant colour palettes and expressive patterns and prints. Daisy creates her prints through hand-drawn artwork and then digitises them to make the print come to life. Her background in Visual Arts has helped her with her journey to discovering her specialisation within design. Specialising in womenswear, she aims to make the wearer feel confident through the unique sensibilities of her garments.

Design Statement:

“The Garden Secret” is a collection of garments showcasing the beauty and fluidity of nature, offering a vibrant celebration of colour and pattern. The garments are gentle and flowing representing natural and organic forms. Colours play a pivotal role in this collection, with a vibrant palette that bursts with life. The Garden Secret is an enchanting ensemble that invites you into a world of beauty, blooming with captivating floral patterns and intricate layers. Bold, saturated hues bring the essence of a flourishing garden to life. The collection evokes a sense of wonder and tranquillity. It promises to captivate hearts, awaken the senses and transport wearers into a secret realm where flowers bloom eternally.