Darby Kelly


Interior Designer Darby Kelly, creates emotive designs to transform interiors into memorable and enticing destinations. Darby values and considers the intangible elements of design, such as feeling and ambiance, to be just as important as the tangible aspects within the spaces that she creates. Her design philosophy is centered around creating spatial canvases that form a timeless backdrop for memories to be made, painted with an elevated and elegant selection of finishes; her upscale sense of materiality defines her design style.

Design Statement:

Hill View Winery Estate by Darby Kelly is the newest addition to winery developer Gerry Ryan's list of hospitality ventures, bringing a taste of timeless, elevated luxury to this corner of Regional Victoria. Located in Spring Hill, just a ninety minute drive from Melbourne. Hill View Winery Estate is a multi-functional venue that has been designed to muse together sweeping views, wine and a relaxing atmosphere. The design concept of Hill View has been created in a way to provide a variety of spaces for guests to escape and indulge. Hill View is set upon acreage that overlooks the Campaspe Reservoir which provides sweeping views over open winery vines and the blooming hydrangea fields. Hill View Winery Estate has been designed to be a destination that people will flock to all year round and a key venue to visit within Victoria.