Deeva Kalia


Deeva Kalia is a photographer and aspiring Creative Director. She captures visually bold photography that aims to ignite a sense of empowerment in those who view her work. Her inspiration is drawn from various sources, including the artistic style of Jean-Marie Franceschi, and the allure of vintage Bollywood glamour. With an interest in beauty, fashion, food and illustration, she has developed her creative skills in styling and photography. Deeva possesses a passion for editorial and graphic design, and her creative portfolio is characterised by the application of dramatic bold shadows and intense lighting techniques.

Design Statement:

I hate you! I love you! “love&hate” is a beauty, fashion, food and product editorial that delves into the world of the colour red, a hue that embodies both endearment and distaste. It aims to explore the interplay between these contrasting emotions. The project incorporates a prominent use of black-and-white photography accentuated with vibrant red accents, in order to create juxtaposition. The idea for this editorial was initiated from the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, as these emotions are the lifeblood of the play. “love&hate” is a contemporary interpretation of these emotions, combining hard and soft textures to place love and hate side by side. The colour palette consists of warm tones of red paired with black and white. This palette assists in depicting a sense of passion and affection throughout the editorial while complimenting the illustrations and quotes that will be included.