Ebony Gallagher


Ebony is a Sydney-based designer who has a passion for the art of interior design. Throughout her life, Ebony has been surrounded by inspiring architecture and design, influencing her journey into the art. Ebony’s design philosophy transcends the traditional boundaries of aesthetics, blending functionality with beauty to create spaces that not only look extraordinary but also serve as a reflection of the client’s personality and lifestyle. Ebony’s journey from a child rearranging furniture to an interior designer is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a more beautiful and harmonious place, one space at a time.

Design Statement:

Nestled at the junction of untold wilderness and coveted lived experience, Ataahua by Aman ushers in the serenity of the unexplored and undisturbed, encapsulating beauty in an aura of silence disturbed only by the slightest movements of mountaintop snow. Within its design comes enshrined the untold stories of a thriving natural spirit borne upon the culture, community and nature inherent to New Zealand, an ethereal, intangible and inimitable experience emulated by many but ultimately delivered as an intimate experience at Ataahua. The resort draws on and emphasises the inherent affinity of nature towards absolving subconscious tensity, developing a primal allure to which guests will be exclusively privy. The experience of Ataahua offers an opportune transition from the stress of the everyday into a timeless state of uncomplicated calm.