Ekaterina Romankin


Ekaterina Romankin is a Sydney-based interior designer. Her approach to interior design focuses on the site’s context and draws inspiration from the surrounding people,environment, and natural elements. Conceptually driven, she aims to design spaces that have a purpose, spaces that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but functional and ergonomic. Integrating natural materials that provide a textural element, sustainability and innovative design ideas, her interiors are unique and designed with the specific intent of human comfort and liveability. Through her designs, Ekaterina offers interiors that inspire individuals and elevate the human experience.

Design Statement:

ArtScape Student Accommodation in Surry Hills is a reimagination of Scape Student Accomodation through a new interior design concept. Drawing from the site’s rich context, including the history, environment and people, the design is welcoming, unique and comfortable for students. In a time of a national call for country in Australia, this design draws from the site’s past as Artspace Gallery in the 1980s; the gallery showcased Indigenous artwork that commercial galleries refused to showcase. Due to an increase in both domestic and international students, the concept of this design is diversity: diversity in the people and the Australian environment. The design is elevated through its Australian-sourced furniture, unique and sustainable materiality, and captivating story experienced throughout the interior.