Ella Bell


Ella Bell is a Melbourne-based Stylist and Photographer with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Creative Direction and Styling, from Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia. She merges contemporary aesthetics with inspiration from past design movements, emphasising colour and texture in her work. Ella's photography focuses on pushing perspective and creating movement, showcasing her unique and progressive style. Ella's passion is to create narratives within her work, inviting viewers into fictitious worlds she generates through her creative direction, styling, and photography. Her art connects with the shared human experience of storytelling, offering a glimpse into her creative mind and a rich, immersive visual experience.

Design Statement:

"Para Phenomena" is a fashion editorial that transports viewers to a future where science has advanced beyond our control, and human cloning is a societal norm. It employs a cool-toned colour palette, bold silhouettes, and distinctive shapes. The work transitions between a studio environment and a sterile brutalist location, intensifying the eerie ambiance, and prompting the intriguing question of 'what if' this was our future. This editorial is a fusion of current fashion and beauty trends, incorporating abstract construction with feminine touches. It captures the fascinating juxtaposition of fashion and science through Ella's skills in concept development, Photography, Creative Direction, Styling, illustration and editorial design. In essence, "Para Phenomena" is a portal into Ella's imaginative world, inviting viewers to explore a speculative, fictional realm where science and fashion collide.