Ella Bowly


Ella Bowly is a Brisbane-based emerging fashion designer who grew up in Northern NSW and specialises in illustration, patchwork and graphic print. Ella’s designs draw inspiration from maximalist eclectic styles and the seventies punk movement. She combines painting and unique handmade patchwork that merge fashion textiles with unconventional upcycled materials. Ella creates menswear and womenswear with vivid colour palettes, punk-inspired silhouettes, hardware and texture that playfully explore the cyclical nature of life and themes of birth, transformation and decay.

Design Statement:

‘The $$$ Cycle’ revolves around the notion of life as an ever-existing being. It enlightens a sense of hope as we remember how one's decay leads to another's beginning. Fruit is a recurring symbol, representing vitality, youth, and abundance and when in a state of decay it characterises the inevitable mortality of one’s presence in the world. Drawing upon the punk attitudes and silhouettes of the seventies, ‘The $$$ Cycle’ patches together texture, colour, artisanal craftmanship and digital printing processes into contemporary trans-seasonal fashion silhouettes that celebrate the vibrant, fragile and regenerative nature of life.