Ella Davis


Ella Davis is a rising photographer and stylist whose creative journey began within the rural grounds of Condobolin, Central West NSW. Ella has harnessed her skills in creative direction, graphic design, photography, cinematography and illustration to cultivate a unique ethos interlacing nostalgia, heritage, and the subtleties of everyday life. Her work seamlessly blends the allure of high-grain textures within her photography, inviting warmth and the authenticity of candid moments, resulting in the capture of timeless stories.

Design Statement:

“Threads of Tradition” is a lifestyle magazine that embarks on a journey through the rich history of wool production. Intertwining deep heritage and nostalgia within its pages, the magazine invites readers to rediscover the profound connection between nature and fashion. “Threads of Tradition” isn’t just about wool; it’s a celebration of the country landscape that nurtures this remarkable fibre & the people that are part of its story. The fashion narrative ventures into the final product of the wool and the intricacy of the fibre & its final destination.