Emily Gage


Emily Gage, a versatile multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney and Byron Bay, blends the realms of photography and design to craft work that celebrates the spiritual inherent in our natural world. Receiving a Student award as well as a Designer award in her second year at Whitehouse Institute of Design for her unique story telling. She weaves captivating narratives with abstract concepts into her work. Inspired by the connection between our bodies and our environment, Emily forges connection and inspires a sense of serenity, beckoning viewers to explore the profound layers of her artistic expressions. Emily’s creative process revolves around harnessing the essence of natural light and surroundings, allowing her work to embrace the opulence in textures, light and spectrums of colour found within our environment.

Design Statement:

“NaturesOde” is a visual journey which explores the connection between both ourselves and our environment. It aims to be a guide at showing how detaching from the material world and embracing the spiritual richness of nature, can create a harmonious reconnection to one’s self. Showcasing an emergence between ourselves, fashion, lifestyle and our environment through a textural story of fashion and lifestyle imagery. Through celebrating the spiritual wealth found within our environment it emphasises that truth lies not in opulence but in the connection we can cultivate with our atmosphere. Ultimately “NaturesOde” serves as a poetic tribute to the sacred dance between our bodies and our environment, leaving the viewer pondering with the question; how can you reconnect?